How To Change My Vodafone Connect Router Password?

How To Change My Vodafone Connect Router Password?
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Change My Vodafone Router Password

Steps to change Vodafone Connect router password:


Go to your Vodafone Connect router page or you can type in your browser address page.

change password for wifi hotspot


After the page is opened, you will be prompted to enter your Vodafone Connect router password. If you don’t remember the password then you can check it at the back of your Vodafone Connect router.

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default Wi-Fi password


Once you are logged in, you have to click the “Wifi” tab situated at the top of your Vodafone router page.

Reset my Vodafone Connect router


Your Vodafone router settings will open up and type a new password in “Encryption key” box. Ensure that “Wifi” and “WPS easy pairing” is enabled.

Vodafone Connect router content controls


Once you have entered a new password, click on “Apply” button.

vodafone connect router password

If you are unable to change your Wifi Connect router password, then feel free to take help from Vodafone technical support department. To speak to the technical expert, give a call on Vodafone contact number: 0333 304 0191 or Vodafone free phone number: 191, if you are using Vodafone mobile.

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