How To Reset My Vodafone Connect Router?

How To Reset My Vodafone Connect Router?
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5 Steps To Reset Vodafone Connect Router:


Go near your Vodafone Connect router and check whether WiFi is “on” on your mobile phone or other wireless devices.

reset Vodafone Connect router


To confirm whether your Vodafone Connect router is “ON”, bring your hand over top of the router. If it is “ON”, you will see a constant green light illuminated on your router.

Setup Vodafone Connect router


If you cannot see a “green light” on your Vodafone Connect router, make sure you’re all cables are connected properly to your router.

Vodafone Connect router content controls


If still there is no green light, then check whether your Vodafone internet cable is connected properly to your home phone socket.

Vodafone Connect router content controls


Now reset your Vodafone Connect Router by pressing “ON/OFF” button located at the back of your Vodafone router.

Vodafone Connect router internet light

Unable to reset your Vodafone Connect router? Contact Vodafone technical support executive on Vodafone customer service contact number: 0333 304 0191. “Pay Monthly” and “Pay as you Go” customers can call on Vodafone free phone customer service number: 191.

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