How To Pair Vodafone Connect App With My Router?

How To Pair Vodafone Connect App With My Router?
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How To Pair Vodafone Connect App With My Router_

Steps to pair Vodafone connect app with router:


Launch Vodafone Connect app on your smartphone. Once it is opened, you have to click on “Start” option to view the demo tutorial on your phone screen.

vodafone connect router app


Once the tutorial is completed, you will be prompted to pair the router with your Vodafone Connect app.

change Vodafone Connect router's


Now press the “wifi” button located at the side of your Vodafone Connect router. After pressing the button, you will get a confirmation message that your pairing has been successful.

If you are facing difficulty while pairing your Vodafone app with your router, then you can take help from Vodafone technical support executive. Get in touch with the executive by calling on Vodafone customer service phone number: 0333 304 0191. Vodafone mobile customers can contact the technical expert on free Vodafone phone number: 191.

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