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How To Connect iPhone Device To TalkTalk Wireless Network?

How To Enable Boost Feature Using My Vodafone Connect App_(1)

You can connect your iPhone device to the TalkTalk wireless network by following the steps mentioned below: Step 1 Go to “Settings” on your iPhone. Step 2 Click “Wi-Fi” and your device will automatically search for the networks available. Step 3 Select the TalkTalk wireless network. Step 4 If you are unable to see the…

How To Activate Talktalk Mobile Call Barring?

Activate Talktalk Mobile Call Barring

You can activate Last caller barring TalkTalk phone by following the steps mentioned below: Step 1 Sign in to your TalkTalk account. Click the link My Account to sign in. Step 2 Go to “Boosts and Calling Features” page. Step 3 In the “Privacy Features” section , tick the “Last caller barring”option. Step 4 Click…