Talk Talk Customer Service

Talk Talk Customer Service
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Want to contact TalkTalk? Reach out to TalkTalk customer services department by calling on TalkTalk phone number: 0345 172 0088. Whether you are an existing user of TalkTalk services or a new customer, you can give a call on this number to know more about TalkTalk. Call charges will be 5p/minute plus our phone provider’s access charge.

Customers who are moving to new address can contact TalkTalk customer representative for smooth transfer of your services at new address. Customers who are looking for other options and want to cancel their services with TalkTalk can contact the customer services department of TalkTalk on phone number:  0345 172 0088.

TalkTalk: 0345 172 0088

Founded in 2003, TalkTalk is a telecommunication company that has its headquarters based in London, U.K. TalkTalk offers four services to the people of U.K. Check out the services mentioned below:

  1. TalkTalk mobile services.
  2. TalkTalk landline services.
  3. TalkTalk Tv.
  4. TalkTalk Broadband services.

After Virgin Media, TalkTalk is the only company that offers four services to its customers. Subscribing these services is just a call away, use the TalkTalk customer services number: 0345 172 0088 to get in touch with sales customer service team.

TalkTalk Broadband And Landline Services

Normally, for residential customers, TalkTalk offers these both services together in one package. However these services can be subscribed separately. To secure your network online, TalkTalk offers “Homesafe” feature. This feature enables you to block specific sites that may be a threat to your online network. To know more about TalkTalk broadband and landline services, contact the customer services team of TalkTalk on phone number: 0345 172 0088.

TalkTalk Customer Services Contact Number: 0345 172 0088.

Get in touch with TalkTalk customer services expert on its customer care services phone number: 0345 172 0088. Standard call rates will be charged by calling on this number. If you find this number busy, call the other localised and cheaper number i.e 0203 441 5550. Calling on this number is cheaper than calling on other TalkTalk customer service phone numbers starting from 0345. Users can also contact the customer service executive via post. Users can write at the following address:

Write At:

TalkTalk Correspondence Dept.,

P.O. Box 346,


SO30 2PW

Although TalkTalk does not offer an email option to contact their customer service department, but one can use the free online chat feature to speak to the TalkTalk expert. To use this feature, click on the link:

Make A Complaint To TalkTalk Customer Services Executive

Users who are unhappy with TalkTalk services can raise a complaint to the company executive. Complaints related to TalkTalk Tv, broadband, mobile and landline phones can be made on TalkTalk complaint services phone number: 0345 172 0088. You can also use this number to give a feedback to the TalkTalk customer services team. The company representative will investigate your complaint and will ensure that your complaint is resolved within 3 days and you get compensation for your losses. While filing a complaint, make sure that you provide your full name, the date on which the problem occurred etc.

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TalkTalk Contact Number:  0345 172 0088

Dial this number to get resolution of your problem. Being a telecommunication company, there might be various problems related to the electronic devices such as Tv not working, Unable to hear dial tone on TalkTalk landline phone, TalkTalk router not working etc. At this point of time, you can get in touch with technical department of TalkTalk to get assistance related to your problem. We have also shared some common problems that you might face while you are active with TalkTalk services. Check out the problems that are mentioned below:

  • Locked from TalkTalk account.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • TalkTalk phone not working.
  • Unable to reset TalkTalk router.
  • TalkTalk Tv issues.
  • Unable to access TalkTalk YouView.
  • Internet dropping out.
  • Plus many more.

Get in touch with TalkTalk technical team on their customer services phone number: 0345 172 0088. Once the call is connected, choose the right option to get connected to the specific department.

TalkTalk On Social Media

Now reach out to TalkTalk customer services executives on Social media accounts. Check out the TalkTalk social media accounts link mentioned below:

Now it is also easy for other users with the same problem to see the solution in the comment section of the post. TalkTalk always advises not to share your personal information and details on these social media accounts. For people who are not active on social media, can use the alternative method that is call on TalkTalk customer services phone number: 0345 172 0088.

How To Get My TalkTalk  Problems Resolved?

The TalkTalk customer services team are always happy to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. Get assistance for the following TalkTalk services:

  1. TalkTalk phone services.
  2. TalkTalk bill payments.
  3. TalkTalk broadband services.
  4. TalkTalk landline services.

Want to know about latest promotional deals for your TalkTalk account? No need to worry, get updated with the latest promotional deals by visiting TalkTalk official website that is or ask the sales team member by calling on TalkTalk phone number: 0345 172 0088. You can use the free chat feature if you are unable to access the TalkTalk customer services phone number mentioned above.

TalkTalk Account

Manage your TalkTalk services online by creating a TalkTalk account. To setup an online account with TalkTalk, visit the official site by clicking on the link: . Now it is easy to pay your bills, upgrade or downgrade your packages online. If you don’t know how to manage your account,then you can take help from TalkTalk customer services executive on phone number:  0345 172 0088. Once your account has been created make sure that you keep the login details safe with you. If by chance you are locked from your account or unable to retrieve your login details, then get assistance by calling on TalkTalk customer services number mentioned above.

Facing issues with TalkTalk broadband speed? Facing signal problems on “YouView” box? Want to contact TalkTalk customer service department? We have shared the TalkTalk contact number below. Once the query is resolved, kindly rate the number below.

TalkTalk Customer Service

If you want to contact TalkTalk customer representative, you can call at the following TalkTalk contact numbers:

For General Queries:

Talktalk free phone number:

0345 172 0088 (calling from TalkTalk phone)

TalkTalk phone number:

0203 4415 550

(calling from another phone)

TalkTalk Contact number:

+44 203 4415 550 (outside U.K)

For more queries click on the link:

What are the steps to activate “Anonymous Caller Reject” service on my Talk Talk phone?

You can activate the “Anonymous Caller Reject” by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Log in to your TalkTalk account. Click on the link My Account

Step 2

Click “Phone & broadband” from the menu on the left.

Step 3

Select “Manage services” on the page.

Step 4

Now checkbox “Anonymous Caller reject” in the “Privacy features” section.

Step 5

Click “Update”.

For TalkTalk phone queries, you can call TalkTalk customer services team.

How to check my Talk Talk “YouView” Box’s signal quality?

To check the signal quality of your Talk Talk “YouView” box, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Go to the channel for which you want to check the signal strength and quality.

Step 2

Press the “YouView” button on your Talk Talk remote.

Step 3

Select “Settings” > select “System Information”.

Step 4

And select “TV Signal Quality”.

Step 5

The signal quality of the channel will be displayed on the screen.

If you want to check the signal strength for another channel, you will have to switch the channels first and then go to settings.

TIP: If the signal quality is less than 50%, then you may get picture and/or sound problems. Your signal quality is affected by number of factors such as weather conditions and the quality of your aerial.

For “YouView” box signal queries, call Talk Talk customer service number to talk to the customer representative.

What are the steps to cancel my recordings on Talk Talk “YouView+Box” ?

You can cancel your recordings on the “YouView+Box” by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

On your TalkTalk remote, press the “YouView” button.

Step 2

Select “MyView”, then “Scheduled Recordings”.

Step 3

Now select the recording that you want to cancel.

Step 4

Press the “R” button on the remote and select “Yes”.

If you were only recording a single programme rather than a series, the recording will be cancelled. And If you were recording a series, you’ll be asked whether to delete a “single episode” from the series or the “whole series”.

If you are facing issues with your recordings, feel free to contact customer support department.