How To Update Your Sky HD Box?

How To Update Your Sky HD Box?
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To update your Sky HD box, follow the steps mentioned below:


Before updating your Sky HD box, make sure that there is no recording scheduled on your Sky box as this process will take around at least 15 minutes to complete.

How To Manually Update Sky HD Box To Latest Software


Once you have ensured that there is no recording due, now you have to turn “off” your Sky HD box by pressing the power button located on the front panel of your device. After powering off, disconnect the box cables from the main supply.

sky hd box update problems


After ensuring that your Sky HD box is turned “off”, now press the “Back Up” button situated either at the top of your box or on the front panel of your box.


Keep on holding the “Backup” button on your Sky HD box and at the same time you have to switch Sky HD box back on the wall.

Sky Software Update


Continue holding the “Backup” button until you see the four LED lights on your Sky HD box is illuminated. These four lights constitute of Telephone, Internet, Power and Remote. A message will displayed on the Tv screen stating “Updating System Software”. Do not turn off your TV at that time.

Manually update Sky box software


The updation process will take around ten minutes to complete. It is recommended that you do not turn “off” your Sky HD box or remove any cables during that time.


After the updation process has been completed, your Sky HD box will reboot automatically and will be on “Standby” mode. Now you have to press the “Sky’ button located on your Sky remote, in order to use your Sky HD box.

Forced Update of SKY HD Box


After the above steps are completed, you will see a message on your Tv screen that the updation process has been completed.

Unable to update Sky HD box? No need to worry anymore. Just give a call on Sky telephone number: 0844 385 1222. Your call will be directly connected to Sky technical team of customer services department.

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