How To Set Up Sky Wireless Booster By Wps Button?

How To Set Up Sky Wireless Booster By Wps Button?
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How To Set Up Wireless Booster By Wps Button_

4 Simple Steps – Set Up Sky Wireless Booster By Wps Button

In case your router has a WPS button then follow the following mentioned steps. You will need to connect your Wireless Booster to your router at the first instance. It is recommended that you setup your Wireless Booster close to where your router is located. Right after the connection is made, you can move your Wireless Booster to the best location in your home.

Step 1:

Plug the power cable into the power port n provided on the back of the wireless booster and then plug it into the mains till the light goes solid white.

wps button on wireless router

Step 2:

Now reach for the router. Press and hold the WPS Button for 2-3 minutes till the wireless light flashes amber.

wps button on sky wireless router

Step 3:

Now, press and hold the WPS Button for 2- 3 minutes on the wireless booster till the wireless light turn amber.

wireless router wps button

Step 4:

Please wait approximately for 2 minutes while a connection between your router and wireless booster is made. If the connection is successful and both the power light and the wireless booster.

sky wireless booster

Still experiencing problems? We have got you covered, get in touch with sky customer services and talk with their technical support person to solve the issue.

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