How to change Sky Router Password?

How to change Sky Router Password?
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Change Sky Router Password_

Find Steps to change Sky router password given below.

Sky broadband router password or Network key as they call it sometimes is generally found on the back of the Sky hub box. You can also find this on the “Connect Card” or “Keep me Handy Card”. All of this comes with the Sky hub packaging.

sky password on box

P.S:  It is important to note that you should always enter your password in capital and you can see this important instruction on the back of the Sky hub box as seen in the sample picture above.

If you are asked for a PIN then enter it which is also available on the back of the Sky hub box.

For further inquiries contact Sky helpline


Go to their Contact us page   

How to change my Sky Router Password?

It should be obvious. The password given to you by Sky is not something you can remember it easily and thus after a while it is only logical to change your broadband password.

You can easily change sky router password into something which you can easily remember.

Follow the steps written below to change your sky router password

Open your web browser and in the address bar type Press Enter.

sky router username and password

User name to be entered is admin and password sky in lowercase.

Next on list is to head to Useful settings menu which you will see on the right side of the window and then select Change Wireless Password.

username and password for sky router

Once again enter User name which is admin and password sky in lowercase.

The next step will be for you to enter the new password of your own liking & comfort.

Your new settings will come into effect once you Click & select Apply.

P.S: It is also important to understand and remember that once the steps written above have been followed then all the devices connected will be disconnected and have to connect all the devices all over again.

In case, still you are unable to solve the issue and require further assistance, you may contact sky customer services on the number given here.

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