How To Fix No Dial Tone On Sky Phone Problem?

How To Fix No Dial Tone On Sky Phone Problem?
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Fix No Dial Tone On Sky Phone Problem

Some most common phone problems:

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check your phone line,
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If you cannot hear the dial tone on your phone, check the following:

  • See if the volume of your phone is high and not set to silent mode or vibration mode. There might be chances that someone would have lowered the volume of the handset.

no dial tone on landline

  • Check the cable of the phone is proper and is not damaged.

sky talk , no dial tone?

  • The phone cable should be plugged in to the mains power socket.

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Sky Phone Line Not Working

  • If you have been using the cordless phone, please ensure that the base of the phone is properly plugged and the phone is fully charged.

No Dial Tone on Phone Line But Internet works

  • If you are using more than one landline phones in your home, please ensure that all of them are properly connected and none is off the hook.

Locate for the master socket. You would find the master socket where the line of the telephone comes into the home. If you have an extra phone at your home, then try to lug the phone into the master socket.

sky talk - no dial tone, incoming or outgoing call

After plugging different phone, you are able to hear the dial tone on your handset then the problem is with your handset.

Still, if you are facing challenges with the dial tone of your phone, call on the sky customer services contact number: 0844 385 1222. The Sky customer services executive will try their best to resolve the issue. The sky customer services expert may even visit your place to check the device.

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