How To Reboot My Sky+ Box?

How To Reboot My Sky+ Box?
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How to do SKY + box reset?

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Sky box stuck on standby
Sky HD box full system reset
How to Hard reset Sky+HD box
How to Fix System Reset Sky+ HD Box
How to do SKY + box reset?
How to perform a full system reset on your Sky HD box?

Steps to reboot your Sky+Box


First thing you have to do is to turn off your Sky+box. Firstly you have to turn it off from your Sky Tv remote. Press the “power” button on your Sky remote to turn it “off”. Once it is turned off from the remote, unplug your Sky+box from the mains. Make sure you disconnect all the cables and wires of your Sky box from the mains.

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How To Reboot My Sky+ Box?


Now you have to leave your Sky+Box unplugged for at least a minute. After that, you have to reconnect all the cables and wires of your Sky box back to the mains. Once it is connected with the mains, switch “on” your Sky box.

How do I reset my SKY box?


Once your Sky+box has been reboot, you can record your favourite programmes or movies or simply play your previous recordings from your Sky Planner. If you are still facing difficulties that might be because your Planner has been corrupted. If your Planner is corrupted then you can rebuild your Sky Planner.

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How do i reboot my Sky HD box without unplugging?

If you are unable to reboot your Sky+box, you can take help from Sky technical expert by calling on Sky customer services phone number: 0844 385 1222.

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