How To Fix Picture Problems With Sky Go?

How To Fix Picture Problems With Sky Go?
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Picture Problems With Sky Go

While you are surfing with programmes on Sky Go, it might be that the picture quality varies with the speed of the internet connection that you are using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G signal. The benefit of Sky Go is that it will itself detect the speed of your connection and adjust accordingly. This will include audio stream for poor quality connection. For getting the best quality of Sky Go streaming, you can use a minimum speed of 2Mb per second.

Upgrade your broadband connection

You can connect your laptop with your router with the help of an Ethernet cable. This proves to be a better way, as wired connection are faster, reliable than wireless ones and also it is better for online activity that needs bandwidth.

Fix picture problems with Sky Go

If you’re using sky Go in your home computer, tablet or mobile device using a wireless broadband connection,then you can try few steps to improve. If you are using too many devices connected to your broadband, then disconnect them when you are watching Sky Go. Don’t keep your router near any other electrical equipment like microwave ovens, cordless phones hi-fi speakers, or baby monitors, they may cause interference with the broadband signal and hence it may work slow.

Boost your wireless signal

While you are struggling to get a strong broadband signal in a room of your house and that is affecting the work of your Sky Go picture, then Sky Wireless Booster will help you. You can use the broadband signal to those rooms where they do not reach easily. You can get the Sky Wireless booster from Sky Shop.

If the picture problems on Sky Go is still occurring, then feel free to take assistance from Sky technical expert. Use the Sky customer services number: 0844 385 1222 to contact the technical expert.

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