Sky Customer Services Contact Number

Sky Customer Services Contact Number
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0844 385 1222

Need Contact Number For Sky Customer Services? Want to speak to Sky expert? Reaching Sky support has been made super easy for you. Solve any sky service related problems or issues. Get direct contact phone number 0330 041 2639 or freephone number 0800 151 2747 to get in touch with Sky Customer Care department between the hours of 8:30 am and 11:30 pm, from Monday to Sunday (According to the UK Timings)..

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Why you might need to contact sky customer service helpline?

  • Changing Your Sky ID
  • Switching Service Plans
  • Reporting a Billing Error
  • Account Login Help
  • Requesting A Refund or Credit
  • Updating Your Payment Method
  • Need Sky Broadband Help?
  • How To Find And Change Your Sky Wireless Network Password?
  • Are You A New Sky Consumer? Want More Info About Sky Latest Deals & Packages
  • Want Quick Solution To Sky Email problems
  • Sky Installation problems

For the customers who wish to contact Sky customer care department, this sky contact number – 0844 800 0040 can also be used.  Sky’s customer service team  handles its telephone helpline between the hours of 8:30 am and 11:30 pm (According to UK time), available 7 days a week. If you have the after- hour services, you can still access our knowledge base before raising a support ticket online at

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Sky is constantly offering all of the services with the aim of making sure that all of their customers can find everything at one location. They are not required to shop around and search for any other entertainment means. Simply by calling Sky customer services contact number, you can directly talk with a member of the customer services department. Here, you can inquire about any offer that you are looking for.

How to Contact Sky Support UK?

Sky TV is already offering a number of different channels, for this purpose several Sky TV packages are easily available. There is an open choice to watch catch-up TV (online), and the best way to get good deals is to acquire all of the items together. You can go for a monthly package comprising of Sky TV, a phone line and broadband. In case, there is some problem with any of the Sky services, you can directly contact the Sky Contact Number listed here.

Whenever you dial the Sky phone number listed on this website, you are charged at the basic rate of just 5p per minute, provided that a BT landline is utilized to place the call. In case, another landline or mobile phone is used to make the call, it may incur additional costs or higher per-minute charges.

Prior to calling the Sky uk customer service number, the caller must have got the consent of the bill payer and must be 18 years of age or more.  It is further recommended that bill payer must contact sky to verify the charges.

Sky Contact Number

0844 385 1222

It might be worrying if you want to place a call to the Sky customer service team, and due to your hectic schedule, you are unable to contact them at a suitable time. For the convenience of all of the customers, we have listed the Sky customer service number that is easily accessible seven days a week. It doesn’t matter when you should need to contact Sky telephone number, and inquire about whatever you want.

Prior to calling the Sky uk customer service number, the caller must have got the consent of the bill payer and must be 18 years of age or more.  It is further recommended that bill payer must contact sky to verify the charges.

Sky has progressed a lot after it was launched in the late eighties, and the institution of SkyB in the nineties. A pay-tv service is accessible in homes in the UK, and the customers are highly satisfied with this service. In order to become Sky customer, just dial the direct Sky uk contact number . Sky has successfully presented a specialised set of channels, and the opportunity to view digital television. The customers can view sporting fixtures, television shows and movies at a single place.

Sky – Best Customer Services Provider UK 2016

(According to Ofcom Report Jan, 2016)

Being Uk’s leading home entertainment and communication service provider, Sky receives a thousand of customer service phone call per day which incorporates new customers who joins the Sky family and seeks for good sales support,  the happy and satisfied customers who desires to upgrade their current packages and the unhappy or dissatisfied customers seeking to file complaints and cancellations. The customers often call up with the technical difficulties, seeking sky technical support over the phone, especially for the Sky TV and Sky Broadband. Whatever the nature of the inquiry is, Sky’s customer service team will be ready to help you.

Sky UK    –  @Wikipedia   –   Headquarters: London    –   CEO: Jeremy Darroch     –   Founder: Rupert Murdoch

sky customer services contact telephone number

Subsidiaries: Sky UK, Sky Sports, Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia, Sky Broadband, Amstrad, The Cloud, Sky Ireland, Easynet

Sky is now the top most leading media service provider and the largest subscription-based television broadcaster of the Europe, proving the digital TV services to over 20 million subscribers throughout the continent.

Sky was founded in November 1990 by Rupert Murdoch when the competitor companies Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merged to form the British Sky Broadcasting (BSKYB), which later became the UK’s largest digital television company.

Sky is the most popular company, and offering a number of services to uk consumers. Sky offers one of the best internet and phone line services in uk. They have got themselves instituted as a leading TV entertainment & telecommunications company in UK, and have created a range of channels for their elite customers to reach them in easy and fastest way possible.

Although majority of new sky customers are highly contented with their services, but there are some old customers who might be facing problems with their services such as Sky HD Box, Sky router, Sky broadband connectivity issues, On Demand problems and many more which need to be dealt with urgently so they can get uninterrupted services for which they are paying for.

What Is The Sky Head Office Address?

In case you want to take your inquiry or complaint further, or there is any issue that makes you to contact the Sky’s HR department, then you can contact Sky Head Office directly via following details:

Physical Address

Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD,

United Kingdom.

Phone number:0844 800 0040

Please note: The calls to 03 numbers are charged at local rates depending on whether you are calling from your landline or your  mobile phone rentals, and these calls do qualify for free minutes. The  free sky telephone number is advertised on this page, Though, it is completely free to call from the landlines and the mobiles and does not take your free minutes allowances, also it will not put you through to the Sky’s head office directly.

Sky, a satellite broadcasting company that provides On demand media, telephony and Broadband services across Britain. One of the leading and biggest selling media company across U.K is known for providing best customer services in the country. There will be scenarios when one need assistance from a technical expert, in that case Sky technical services department comes into the picture. If you have a problem and seeking a quick guidance/assistance, just get in touch with Sky customer services team on their customer support number: 0844 385 1222.

Sky customer services helpline number is accessible from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm , seven days a week.

Unable to manage your Sky Accounts? Want to upgrade your Sky Package? Having issues with Sky services? Now it is easy to get your problems solved by calling on Sky phone number: 0844 385 1222. Users often call on this number to get their technical queries solved. Standard call rates will be applied by calling on this Sky number. If you are looking for a cheaper number or want to contact localised British number, then give a call on Sky free phone number: 0800 151 2747. This number is free if you have opted for Sky Talk services. However if you are calling from another landline networks, then calls on 0800 will be charged as same as national geographical numbers 020 or 030.

Sky Customer Service Number

Started 26 years ago, Sky is known for its telecommunication services across Britain. By providing three main services: Sky Tv, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk, it is one of the top leaders in mass media industry. With more than 20 million customer subscribed to its three services i.e. Sky Tv, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk, the company is listed among other companies on London Stock Exchange. In 1990, the merger of two companies Sky Television and British Satellite Corporation lead to formation of a single company known as British Sky Broadcasting.   Sky has six subsidiaries across Europe. These are as follows:

  • Sky UK

  • Sky Italia

  • Sky Ireland

  • The Cloud

  • Sky Deutschland

  • Amstrad

To subscribe these three services of Sky, you need to contact Sky customer services sales team on sky phone number: 0844 385 1222.

Sky Packages:

Now it is easy to choose your Sky package that suits your budget and need. Sky offers various Tv, broadband and telephone packages online. You have an option to either subscribe for a single deal or a bundled package deal. There are several wonderful deals available for both movie and sports lovers. All the major sports events in Britain can be accessed on Sky Sports channel. Sky Tv packages start from as low as  £20/ month whereas you can opt for Sky broadband services from

Special packages are available for movie lovers and sports fans – many major sports events are broadcast live in the UK exclusively via Sky Sports.

Sky TV package prices start at £20 per month, and Sky Broadband can be as cheap as £10 per month. We have also shared some Sky bundles below:

  • Original Sky Bundle: In this bundle, you will get 240 free to air channels, 11 HD channels and 35 entertainment channels.

  • Family Sky Bundle: You will get 75 entertainment channels, 50 HD channels, 240 free channels and Sky box setup box.

  • Complete Sky Bundle: In this package, you will get around 300 channels almost all in HD + 7 sports channels +11 movie channels with Sky box sets.

  • Sky Sports Bundle: You will get the same channels as Original Sky bundle along with seven sports channel that features around 127 live Premier league games.

To know more about the packages in details, customers can call the Sky customer support contact number: 0844 385 1222. The company representative will provide you all the information related to your such as monthly payment, duration of the deal etc.

Sky Contact phone Number

0844 385 1222

We have shared some common problems that you might encounter with Sky services. Check these problems below:

  • Sky Viewing card not working.

  • Unable to receive signals on Sky boxes.

  • Low broadband speed.

  • Sky Dish misaligned due to bad weather conditions.

  • Forgotten your Sky TV PIN.

  • Unable to reboot Sky broadband router.

  • Cancel Sky Subscription.

  • Switch to Sky.

  • Upgrade Sky Package.

  • Unable to set up Sky broadband at your home.

  • And many more.

Facing the above problems? Have another query? Don’t worry, just keep your details handy and ring on Sky customer services phone number: 0844 385 1222 as soon as possible. It is advisable to call after 3:30 pm as the calls will be less busy during that time.

Sky free phone number

Sky Cashbacks

Seeking a discount on your Sky packages? Now you can easily get a discount by using Sky cashback feature. All you have to do is visit the Sky TopCashback sites such as Sky Tv upgrades for existing users and new customers can visit Sky Tv cashback. You can also visit Quidco for Sky Broadband & Tv cashbacks. For more information on Sky cashbacks, customers can call on Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222. You can also get voucher codes from these Sky cashback sites. You can use these codes at the time of checkout when you are buying any Sky services online.

Sky On Social Media

Keeping the latest trend in mind, Sky customer support are now fully active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Share your feedback, problems and experiences on Sky social media accounts. This step is taken forward by Sky to help other persons as well because now other users can also see those problems and solutions in the posts. There will be many cases where other people are also facing the same problem as you are facing. You can find the solution from the official Sky customer service representative in the comment section of that website. Links to Sky social media accounts are shared below:

  • For Facebook: Click on the link: .

  • For Twitter: Follow the link: .

Sky customer care team always advise not to share your personal information on these Sky social media accounts as it can compromise the security of your Sky account. If you are not comfortable on asking your problem on these social media accounts of Sky, then you can call on Sky helpline contact number: 0844 385 1222.

How Can I Get My Sky Problems Resolved Quickly?

To get resolution of your problems quickly, call the Sky customer services phone number: 0844 385 1222 as soon as possible. It is normal to have technical problems with Sky devices or services but you do not have to worry much about the problem as we have shared the Sky phone number above. This number will connect your call directly with Sky technical support customer services team. There can be cases where the problem is not solved over the phone. In that case, you can schedule an engineer appointment at your house. To do this, either you can login to your Sky account or call at Sky customer phone number.

Make A Complaint To Sky Customer Executive

Users who are unsatisfied with services or had a bad experience with the company, can make a complaint to Sky customer services representative. To do this, users can dial the Sky’s official customer services contact number: 0844 385 1222 from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm. The lines are open seven days a week. Make sure you provide complete information related to your complaints. After making a complaint, you have to wait for few days till you get a revert or solution from Sky customer complaint executive.

Sky Broadband Services

Get your devices connected with Sky broadband services as it provides one of the fastest internet speeds in Britain. Use Sky broadband services on your Smart tv, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. Reach out to Sky customer service sales team to subscribe for Sky broadband facility at your home. Just give a call on Sky broadband customer service number: 0844 385 1222 to schedule an appointment with Sky engineer. With the help of Sky engineer, get your broadband working within a couple of hours.

Sky TV

Rebuild your planner as per your choice on your Sky Tv.  With On demand feature watch all your favourite movies and programmes. Just insert the Sky TV viewing card in your Sky/Sky+hd boxes and get ready to enjoy your favourite premier league sorts on Sky Sports channel. If you want to add or remove any channel depending upon your need, then contact the Sky advisor to make changes on your Sky Tv package. Use the Sky Tv contact number: 0844 385 1222 to get in touch with the company representative.

Sky TV packages

The Sky services are available singly or as a part of a bundle package deal- Therefore, go for the offer that is best according to your needs! For movie lovers and sports fans- there are many sports events are broadcasted live in the live UK exclusively via Sky Sports. The Sky TV package prices also starts at £20 per month, and the Sky Broadband can be as cheap as £10 per month.

The Sky’s customer services department can help you in order to choose a package that is suitable according to your personal needs. In lieu, you can make a selection for yourself- following mentioned are the options to select from:

  • The Original Bundle: 35 plus:  entertainment channels, HD channels: 11 free-to-air, 240 free-to-air channels.
  • The Variety Bundle: 75 plus: entertainment channels, HD channels: 11 free-to-air, 240 free-to-air channels.
  • The Family Bundle: 75 plus: entertainment channels, 50 plus: HD channels, 240 free-to-air channels,  Also, Sky Box Sets and the exclusive entertainment in 3D.
  • The Movies Bundle: Includes all the benefits of The Original Bundle in addition to 11 movie channels, including Sky Movies Disney, specially for your wee ones.
  • The Sports Bundle: Includes all the benefits of The Original Bundle plus 7 sports channels, featuring 127 live Premier League games.
  • The Complete Bundle: All the benefits of The Family Bundle plus 11 movie channels, 7 sports channels and over 300 Sky Box Sets – all in HD.

More about Sky: Extras On Sky Tv Packages

Sky TV offers various extras as well in order to enhance the viewing the pleasure of its users- a number of these are also included in the cost of the services. If you want to learn about upgrading the extra TV services ring Sky customer number  during 8:30 am to 11:30, 7 days a week.

Sky has been offering a lot of offers to its customers. It is not denied that a number of rival television and internet companies are creating a threat to the major champions in the field. Sky is flourishing as an international company, and their main intention is to provide best entertainment to all the customers. Sky has also obtained special rights to sporting events and other programmes .

Sky Movies channel is very popular now, and gone are the days time when the screening of movies was restricted to cinema. Sky Movies began to screen latest movies through their affordable Box Office service. Sky has emerged as an element of its uniqueness, like Sky Store and Sky Go permits customers to even watch their missed programmes . You can get more information by calling the Sky customer care phone number. Most popular sporting events like F1 races, cricket and golf meetings are only accessible through Sky tv.

Sky tv deals with a great variety of channels, basic packages and the customer can also go for augmenting the number of channels by buying additional packages. “Sky Entertainment” comprises of the basic one, Entertainment Extra and Entertainment Extra+. These channels offer documentary, drama, comedy, music, news etc.

The present customers can also contact Sky TV through email. Live chat is now available on the website as well for everyone who want to contact Sky Helpline during the open hours.

Sky Contact Phone Number

0844 385 1222

The calls to 0844 numbers cos 7p per minute in addition to that you phone company’s access charge  is generally higher when calling from a mobile phone, payphone or overseas- so do try to use a landline phone in case you contemplate yourself being engaged in a long lasting discussions with Sky customer services over the phone!  You can also make use of Sky’s free customer service contact number you will not be charged a single penny. SO, as long as the call is made from the UK itself ( Make sure your are not calling internationally) and not using a payphone.

Sky TV Installation – How it is done?

The most common reason to contact SKY support is for queries in terms of Sky TV installations. The appointments need to be made by the home and the business customers similar in order for installation to be arranged.

So, to set up, please change, or verify the status of the installation appointment with a Sky engineer, you can also contact Sky on their Customer helpline number or the sky free phone number. For certain Sky services, set up fees will be charged too, therefore it is recommended to speak with a member of the customer team in order to regulate what setup fees you are obliged to pay upon subscribing the Sky. You can also go through the Terms and conditions related to the details of the particular services you have bought along with its charges.

Sky Q –

What should I know about Sky Q?

The terms set by the company is for at least 12 months. As for the subscription of Sky TV, the subscribers can have the original bundle by making a payment of £20 per month. For the variety bundle and box sets bundle, the users will have to shell out £32 per month and £38 per month. If you are thinking of taking Sky Q multiscreen subscription, all you need is to pay £12 per month and for Sky Cinema it is £18 extra per month. For all the sports lovers, they will have to pay £27.50 extra per month for Sky Sports. All the subscribers are being informed that the prices may increase during the contract tenure. You are being provided with the complete Sky Q kit free of cost and you have to ensure that the kid is returned as and when your subscription ends. With Sky Q 1TB box, you will get 700GB personal storage and for Sky Q 2TB box, the users are provided with 1.7TB personal storage. Be informed that 300GB storage is reserved by Sky

Installation – The installation is done by the engineer. If you are a new subscriber of Sky Q 1TB box, you will have to pay £10 with or without a Sky Q multiscreen subscription. For Sky Q 2 TB, you need to make the payment of £99 or £10 for the Sky Q multiscreen subscription. If you are already a customer and want to take the Sky Q multiscreen subscription, for Sky Q 1TB box there is a payment of £49 and for Sky Q 2TB box, it is up to £99. If you need any guidance related to installation, feel free to dial 0844 385 1222.

Why do I need Sky Q Multiscreen subscription?

1- While enjoying the comfort of your home, you get to watch TV on your tablet or TV. IF you desire excellent network performance, make sure you get connected to Sky Q Mini box. You also enjoy the convenience of watching content from up to two Sky Q mini boxes simultaneously. You can easily watch recordings included in your Sky Q channel pack. If you seek more information, we recommend exploring If you have Sky Q App, you cannot access red button and BBC on demand content.

2- You can even pause on one screen and continue watching on another.

3- You can also carry the recordings with you, wherever you want to go, to enjoy watching offline. You can even save hand picked recordings from the last 90 days from your Sky Q box. Or you can download on demand programmes to a compatible tablet that is fastened to your home broadband.

4- In order to watch box sets in ultra HD, you will be needing box sets bundle. If you want to enjoy the movies and sports in ultra HD, you need to have Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. The features mentioned need Sky Q multiscreen, Sky Q box and Sky TV subscriptions, Sky Q and a compatible tablet.

General – The content will entirely depend on your subscription of Sky TV and the picture quality on your device may also vary. You have to return the Sky Q kit that is being provided to you, free of cost, at the end of the subscription. All you need is HDMI cable, that is being provided to you or AV cable, not provided, to get connected to TV. For viewing ultra HD and 3D, you need compatible TV. We need your valid email id, so that we can keep you updated about our services. As far as third party apps are concerned, the experience may vary from the same app on other devices.

Is there any contact number for Sky Bill payment service?

For making a payment for your bills to Sky TV, you can use our online service. All you need is to sign in to your registered account. In addition, you can make the payment using our phone service as well. The day your service gets activated, your bill payment circle will also start. Your first payment will become due after the 14 days of the date your service got activated. Automated system service can be used for making the payment, all you need is to dial 0844 385 1222.

What if I want to activate DND for Sky phone service?

If you don’t wish to receive unnecessary calls from Sky TV, all you need is to follow the below mentioned process to stop these calls –

  • Your first step would be to dial 14258 and then enter the default pin number – 1234. You also enjoy the provision of setting a pin of your choice.
  • Go with the instructions and make a choice for the option that will bar the number.
  • In this step, you need to mention the number from which you want to stop incoming calls. If you want to block the number, you need press hash i.e. # that is there on the keyboard.
  • If you want to cross-check whether the number has been blocked or not, you need to call once again on 14258 and pin number needs to be entered one more time.
  • You have to select the option of check blocked number from the given options.

What should I do if I am relocating myself?

You don’t need to worry, as in majority of the cases Sky services will accompany you wherever you go. If you want to ensure that you relocate without facing any hassle, make sure you dial 0844 385 1222 and have a word with our customer support representative to inform that you have plans to relocate yourself.

In case there is a requirement for new installation at your home, it can be scheduled by having a word with the customer support representative over the phone or through live chat. If you want to schedule a change of service online, make sure you visit If you want to make any changes to your standing order, make sure you have confirmed well in advance with Sky, or else you have strong probabilities of getting your account deactivated.