How To Open Your iPhone? (Instruct-O-Graphics)

How To Open Your iPhone? (Instruct-O-Graphics)
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If you want to remove the battery of the iPhone or want to repair it, you have to open your iPhone device. However opening the device may void the warranty of your device. Follow the steps below to disassemble your device:

How to Open an iPhone


First you have to power off your device. You can do this by pressing and holding the “Power key” situated on the right side of the phone. While holding the key, you will see a “power off slider”, simply slide to the right side and your device will turn “off”.

TIP: If you open the iPhone without shutting it down, it may cause malfunction.


Remove the sim from the sim tray situated on the right hand side of the device. Use the Sim ejector tool to remove the sim tray. Removing the sim in first hand will protect the sim from damaging while disassembling the iPhone.


You should be properly grounded to prevent the static charge to damage any component of your device.Touch any exposed metal to make yourself grounded.


Remove the screws situated at the bottom of your iPhone. Use the five point screwdriver if the model of your device is ranging from iPhone 4 to 6. If you have 3GS model or the orignal, remove the screws using Phillips #00 screwdriver.


Open the case by inserting a flathead screwdriver above the connection port from where you have removed the screws. You can also use a suction cup at the bottom of the screen and pull the cup until screen separates from the casing.

TIP: While removing the screen form the casing make sure you do not damage the small ribbon cables.


Remove the ribbon cables to in order to disconnect the screen form motherboard.

You have to first remove the two ribbon connectors and then remove the third ribbon connectors.


After removing the ribbon cables, slowly pull out the screen by using the suction cup.


Remove the screws around the metal plate to lift the motherboard of your device.


To remove the battery you can either use the flathead screwdriver for the older model of iPhone or simply take out the battery if you have new iPhone model.

STEP 10:

After the repair work is completed, reassemble the phone by reversing the above steps.

Make sure you connect all the ribbon cables to the correct sockets.

If you are facing issues while disassembling your iPhone, contact Apple iPhone support team.


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