How Can I Check & Verify My iPhone Warranty?

How Can I Check & Verify My iPhone Warranty?
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To check and verify your iPhone warranty, follow the iphone warranty check steps mentioned below:

Step 1.

  • Click on “Settings” icon on your iPhone.

How Can I Check & Verify My Iphone Warranty?

Step 2.

  • Select “General”.

check warranty iphone

Step 3.

  • Click on “About”.


Step 4.

  • Scroll down to “Serial Number” of your phone.

iphone check warranty

Step 5.

iphone warranty check

Step 6.

  • Enter your iPhone serial number and select your location.

Step 7.

  • Click “Continue”

Step 8.

  • Click on  “See your service and support coverage” on the page.

check iphone warranty

Step 9.

  • The detailed warranty status of your iPhone device will be displayed on the page.

If you are facing warranty issues, feel free to dial Apple contact number customer services.

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